Adventurous Scuba Diving In Port Stephens


Scuba diving offers you the opportunity to experience the beauties of various islands. It is really refreshing and can be enjoyed on various islands. You can learn about it, even if you do not know its basics. You can get help from professional trainers, who would teach you how to get involved in this activity.

PADI dive facility:-

Make full of the adventurous Scuba diving in Port Stephens with the highest rated PADI dive facility. It not only offers you the opportunity for boat dives or shore diving, but also to pursue a Sea School International Boat or Jetski license course. Moreover, you can also enjoy the company of an experienced trainer who has complete knowledge about safety techniques. Most of the businesses providing this service operate at least two surveyed dive boats that are equipped with membrane Nitrox facilities, a wide of large equipments hire, equipment servicing as well as a convenient gear wash.

Numerous dive sites:-

A reputed scuba diving company allows you to visit numerous dive sites on its single dive boats. The venue mainly depends on request from the divers, their level of certification as well as experience and weather on the day of diving. Only sites are included in your package that would entertain you the most. The charges for it are $ 75.00


Professional PADI Scuba Diving Course Available at Lets Go Adventures


Eyes wide open & heartbeat just respite in every dwelling “in awe” moment. The undersea world is deifying to anyone that takes the dare of learning scuba diving. This is somewhere life and reality convene. Browsing through the stony coral reefs, you see creatures that unify in to their surrounds. You have to look closer to be convinced that they are creatures and are part of the beautiful world.


The creatures can seem like seaweeds, rocks, turtles, and other fishes. Pink, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange, red, purple, grey and black are just several of the most attractive colors you will see in the most liveliness appearance known. How would you find out such astonishing creatures and colors if you never took the possibility to go diving? It is only through PADI scuba diving course that will make you learn and turn out to be the next explorer of underwater life.

Let’s Go Adventures Offers You the Course of PADI Scuba Diving:

Let’s go Adventures an Australian Venture offers you the service of diving. Their instructors are highly qualified PADI professionals and may teach divers at levels ranging from snorkeling, free diving, open water, scuba diving and much more. The PADI scuba diving course is offered by them through you will learn scuba diving which will give you the experience of underwater pleasure for lifetime.

Talking about supervision, you will be under the eyes of professional PADI experts so that you will learn with safety. They are the most rated company for offering PADI diving courses. Breathing underwater for the very first occasion is something amazing you’ll never overlook. So don’t wait. Visit them to avail their services at

Join PADI Scuba Diving with Lets Go Adventures

scuba-diving-australiaJoin PADI scuba diving with a reputed institute to explore the beautiful Aquatic life beneath the Sea. Nowadays, there are a number of institutes that provide SCUBA diving training. It is good to choose Lets Go Adventures. It is the new name of Port Stephens longest established diving centre and is proud to have the original and still the most active dive club in the area.

The institute has a team of highly qualified PADI professionals who may teach divers at levels ranging from snorkelling, freediving, discover SCUBA, openwater, advanced openwater, rescue diver, divemaster, and PADI instructor courses. They offer many specialty courses including deep diver, wreck diver, underwater navigator, night diver, underwater photography, drift diver and enriched air diver. They also teach technical diver programs Tec40, Tec45 and Tec50. The institute offers an extensive range of dive equipments, wetsuits and accessories.

Lets Go Adventures specialises in group travel and one can enjoy Scuba diving, snorkelling and free diving in Nelson bay, Port Stephens. With the institute one can have fun with safety. Their instructors focus on diver’s safety and make them feel comfortable under water.

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