Reasons for Enrolling Into Padi Course

The word PADI refers to Professional Associated Diving Instructors which is world’s largest recreational diving membership and diver training organisation. It was established in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Ericson. Padi courses range from minimal entry level to comparatively advanced playtime diving certification.

Longest established dive club:- Lets Go Adventure has thousands of reasons for enrolling into Padi course. We have the most active and longest established dive club in Australia.Padi Course

    1. Here the students receive the quality training from highly qualified and professional instructors.
    2. Our trainers spend time in ensuring that you are comfortable and safe during training.
    3. It continues for three days.
    4. They are of the opinion that “Why rush an activity that should be full of fun and enjoyment?”
    5. The program includes hardware equipments, 5 confined water sessions, 4 open water training dives and instruction with gold certification card.
    6. It has the option of Ultimate crew pack or E learning pass.
    7. Upgrades single boat dive gift voucher to a double dive also includes gear hire.
    8. Save on booking on booking Padi Advanced Open Water course at the same time you book open water.
    9. Includes the deluxe upgrade and world most popular specialty.
    10. Option of diving with gray nurse Shark at Broughton Island.
    11. Get five bonuses Nitrox fill and be on the path of mastering this skill.
    12. Quality Scuba mask, Snorkel and fins for $30.

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What Can You Learn From PADI Scuba Diving?

If you have always been fascinated by the world beneath the water, then scuba diving is the best thing ever. This adventure sport is all about adventure and seeing the mesmerising underwater flora and fauna. PADI Scuba Diving courses are all that you need to discover the wonders of this water activity in a totally safe and fun filled manner.

What will you learn?

Well, the initial part of this training program is all about gaining theoretical knowledge. This ensures that you are well aware about the various principles and aspects of scuba diving. You will have to qualify certain examinations by demonstrating the knowledge regarding the basic Physics principles. After successful completion of this level you will be introduced to the secure surroundings of the swimming pool. On the basis of your skills you will gradually shift to open water.Scuba Diving

The best part about such training programs is the fact that you do not end up spending a fortune. Some of the essentials that you will be requiring are standard accessories. And you are all set for the PADI Open Water Diver training. You might have to invest in a course pack or select the learning material as per your preference.

Lets Go Adventures gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy free diving, snorkelling and Scuba diving in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens. This is one of the highest rated PADI dive facility. They make sure that your experience is fun filled and absolutely safe.

How To Choose Best Boat Diving?

‘Boat Diving’ refers to Scuba Diving when swimming underwater for recreational activity. It is not simply diving from a boat as the term sounds. It assures a relaxing holiday to water enthusiasts. It is much more than just the experience of diving into the water.Boat Diving

Memorable Experience: – Most of us get confused when the question comes about how to choose the best boat diving? But it is not at all a problem anymore because Lets Go Adventure is reputed for providing its clients the joy of diving from a boat in Nelson Bay. These are always full of ‘Memorable Experience’. It caters for all levels of experience regardless of whether they want to dive with Gray Nurse Sharks at Broughton Islands or prefer exploring local islands. The site is decided keeping in view the preference of the customers and opinion of experienced Dive skippers in Port Stephens.

Wide Range of Sites: – This Company offers its customers the opportunity to dive in a ‘Wide Range of Sites’ that are sure to impress. The location of the site will depend on request of the ‘users of the services’ of this firm, their experience in this field and weather condition of the day.

Join the Best of the Padi Course

This term refers to the professional association of diving instructors which is world’s most well known recreational diver training organisation founded in 1966. Let’s Go Adventure- Dive Nelson Bay provides the best padi course. It is also known as Port Stephen the longest established center for diving that is reputed to have original and yet the most active club for this purpose in the area.padi water course

Scuba divers hardly forget their first dive. There is nothing better than being able to breathe underwater. This firm is the place where diving enthusiasts can enjoy a safe journey that is full of fun. It was voted as the winner of port Stephens’s business award. It is the result of quality training that is received by the prospective divers from qualified trainers. It takes full attention towards the comfort, competence and safety of each of its clients and for this reason this course is of three days. All hardware equipments, 5 confined pool sessions, 4 open water training dives, Padi gold certification cards and choice of either Padi unlimited  crew pack or e learning access pack are included in it.

This business also provides scuba mask, snorkel and fins for $30 and for those who opt to purchase their personal equipments then this hire would be treated as deposit entitling them to enjoy even better service. Most of the customers of this firm opt for upgrading to the deluxe package. It converts a single boat dive gift to double one. It includes diving with a gray nurse shark at Broughton Island.

Shore Diving: Perfect For an Unforgettable Experience

There’s never a wrong time to plan for a diving holiday. There is so much of fun and excitement attached to shore diving experience that to narrate it in simple words is inexplicable. There are so many offers available in the market that to choose the right one becomes a herculean task. If you are planning to go on a diving holiday, these tips will certainly put you in the right perspective.

Shore Diving: Perfect For an Unforgettable Experience

 To get you started, one can search for a true diving experience at any good search engine on the internet like Google and select a suitable location. You need to simply type what you are looking for and the answer will pop up on your screen.

Let’s Go Adventures offer very good packages related to shore diving experience in Australia. One can revel in the underwater biodiversity in the company of expert diving team of Lets Go Adventures. If you are looking for scuba diving, or shore diving or want to enhance your diving training, this company offers professional and unforgettable services in underwater diving escapades.

 Nelson Bay has a plethora of underwater marine life that can be explored by hiring guides from Lets Go Adventures. The company offers skilled guides who can give you diving plan or lead you into the plentiful sea life at Nelson bay. You can enjoy to the maximum with the extremely buzzing diving club that is open every day. If you are looking to have some fun or seek an amazing drift dive or looking for a relaxed dive at night, Lets Go Adventures will meet all the expectations.

Best PADI Course Centers

PADI Course is designed to give divers a complete knowledge about diving into water. It trains about how to lead and take the charge of diving activities. The topics covered in this course are the role and characteristics of PADI dive masters and diver safety and risk management.  Lets Go Adventures is one of the best PADI course centers.


(1) Technical Diver Training:- This organisation has a record of providing professional diver training to diving aspirants. The expert trainers of this firm have been working in this since many years. Personal attention is paid to all the learners. Moreover, they can practice a skill endless number of times between two sessions. Periodical feedbacks are provided to the learners and ways are suggested to take their performance to the next level.

(2) Full Equipment Hire: – This business also provides full equipment hire service to its clients. It includes all kinds of general as well as emergency equipment such as masks, fins, dive computer, wetsuit/ drysuit, regulars, tanks that would be required diving independently. In addition to that it also has a team of professional divers to deal with any kind of emergency situation in water.

Professional PADI Scuba Diving Course Available at Lets Go Adventures


Eyes wide open & heartbeat just respite in every dwelling “in awe” moment. The undersea world is deifying to anyone that takes the dare of learning scuba diving. This is somewhere life and reality convene. Browsing through the stony coral reefs, you see creatures that unify in to their surrounds. You have to look closer to be convinced that they are creatures and are part of the beautiful world.


The creatures can seem like seaweeds, rocks, turtles, and other fishes. Pink, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange, red, purple, grey and black are just several of the most attractive colors you will see in the most liveliness appearance known. How would you find out such astonishing creatures and colors if you never took the possibility to go diving? It is only through PADI scuba diving course that will make you learn and turn out to be the next explorer of underwater life.

Let’s Go Adventures Offers You the Course of PADI Scuba Diving:

Let’s go Adventures an Australian Venture offers you the service of diving. Their instructors are highly qualified PADI professionals and may teach divers at levels ranging from snorkeling, free diving, open water, scuba diving and much more. The PADI scuba diving course is offered by them through you will learn scuba diving which will give you the experience of underwater pleasure for lifetime.

Talking about supervision, you will be under the eyes of professional PADI experts so that you will learn with safety. They are the most rated company for offering PADI diving courses. Breathing underwater for the very first occasion is something amazing you’ll never overlook. So don’t wait. Visit them to avail their services at