Shore Diving: Living Life on the Edge

Scuba diving is an active swimming activity under water, which has a truly magical experience into a different world. Below the surface of water there is a whole different world that is filled with hundreds and thousands of sea creatures and various different species of plant life.

Since it’s a dangerous activity, not many people go for it but if you plan for Scuba Driving trip, it has to be planned carefully. Plan the trip with helpful tips that are easy to get the best experience out your trip.

What do you want to see?

There are uncountable spots all over the world, which offer scuba diving thus, it is very confusing to select your destination. While making your choice of selection there are numerous factors that have to take into consideration.

The biggest challenge is to determine what actually you want to see on this trip?

The time of the year and the location has to be kept in mind while hoping for encountering unusual and large creatures. Not only the creatures that have to be taken in account but also the preferences of the places that you hope to explore. You can investigate coral reefs or a sunken shipwreck on the ocean floor, as your scuba diving destination. To narrow your destination preferences, make a list of things that you hope to encounter during the trip.

The diving styles of your preference:

There are many different types of Scuba Diving, but yours should be planned keeping in mind the needs that suit you the best and also the needs to choose the dive styles like a cold water dive or a wall dive. As a diver your experience level will limit your choices. For beginners the best and ideal choice is a shore dive in a place like Hawaii, but experienced divers prefer taking a boat dice and look for shipwrecks and deeper waters. The key for taking the perfect scuba diving trip is to take out time and think about your preferences of getting out the best of what actually you are looking for. Hence the aim should be to get the best trip that ensures you a memorable vacation for a lifetime.

If you have a clear idea about what actually you are looking for, then planning scuba diving trip may not be difficult. A good dive tour provider should be able to guide and provide you information according to your needs.

Let’s Go Adventures caters for all sorts of divers and can be trusted for making your trip a success.

Whether you want to experience your first scuba dive or an experienced diver does Shore Diving or takes dive training, everyone is assured a friendly, professional, unforgettable diving or underwater adventures. You can enjoy shore dive in Nelson Bay, Australia. The professional guides lead you and suggest various dive plans according to your need so that abundance of sea life can be experienced throughout the trip. They are open all year through and also run the longest and active Nelson Bays club. They are sure to give you a wonderful experience of a lifetime. Your fun trip may vary from seeing amazing fish life, a critter hunt, a relaxing night dive to just having fun or getting wet.


Top Most Reasons for Becoming a Padi Scuba Diving

There are various reasons which justify learning scuba dive. It would give you an adrenaline rush marking off one item from your bucket list. This one sport will make you travel to sea shores where you indulge in escaping gravity underwater.

Padi scuba diving


Below given are top ten reasons why you should learn to scuba dive:

Exploring New Places

71 % is total expanse of ocean cover on earth, learning scuba dive will make you see maximum of this world which exists below water.

Zen Out and Escape Technology

You can escape to a total bliss as no email or phone would work underwater. You will direct your attention to breathing and to underwater life which is absolutely gorgeous.

Equalization Skills

You can master equalization skills while learning to scuba dive which will further open your options of mountain dives or flights.  You only need to master the skill of equalizing your ears when you dive and then you can do it anywhere.

Underwater History

Lets Go Adventures organizes planned scuba diving where you explore World War one/two era ship or plane wrecks.

Sign Language

Scuba divers communicate under water with help of hand signs. The hand signal directing your hand with help of thumb to one direction is universal signal to suggest moving towards intended direction. It is very helpful in scuba dive.

Using This Skill to Impress Others

It is a whole new education when you learn something about compressed air in cylinders and PSI pressure variables. padi scuba diving has skilled professionals who impart such training to all interested volunteers who seek adventure and knowledge.

Flaunting on Social Media

This newly acquired skill will make you popular among your social circles and is a sure shot way of getting more ‘thumbs up” on your scuba diving photos.

Mantra to fun – “Keep Calm and Enjoy”

Advice which you need to heed under water will also hold true when you are on surface. For example – breathe deliberately and move slowly, also advocated by Yoga instructors. This trick will make your oxygen supply last long, thus exploring more underwater world.

Learning to Dive

Padi scuba diving at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens in Australia is a place where you can learn to snorkel, scuba dive and free dive, courtesy Lets Go Adventures. It is the best rated PADI diving set up in the area where many people flock to learn this new skill set. You can also enroll yourself for boat and jetski license apart from learning boat and shore diving. This company works hard to guarantee you a fun filled adventurous trip underwater. It is an environmentally conscious company which also ensures your safety at all times. The local population has voted this company to reach finals in each Port Stephens Business Awards since 2011.

Explore the Beauties of Underwater World with PADI Course

A PADI course can be beneficial to you in many ways. It gives you an opportunity to explore the underwater world. Moreover, in this course, you would also learn a fantastic skill that would be a perfect string to your bow.

PADI course


You would not be able to forget the knowledge that you have acquired during your PADI course.  Also, you will remember forever the experience of breathing underwater. There are many 5 star PADI IDC centres that can offer you with this program. They are rated as the best institutions for this kind of training because of the quality of training provided by them. These businesses own the most active and the longest dive clubs in Nelson Bay. The highly qualified instructors associated with these businesses focus on providing you with the best possible training. They spend sufficient time to make sure that you are fully comfortable and competent enough for this kind of diving and so most of the open water training provided by them are of minimum 3 days. They are of opinion that there is no meaning for rushing after something that can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind. These programs mostly include all the equipment, 5 confined water sessions, 4 open water training dives, all instruction and PADI Gold certification cards. Also, you have the option of going for either for a PADI ultimate crew pack including PADI OW DVDs, PADI manual and a recreational dive planner and a log book. You also get access to e-learning passes related that you enable you to complete your theoretical training from any location. In order to enroll in this course, you must be able to swim for 200 m at a stretch.

Not only this, you also complete all the medical statements. You must also go for a medical dive prior to enrolling in these courses if needed. You would be provided with a high-quality scuba mask and fins at a really affordable price. In case you purchase this equipment before the completion of this course, then your hire cost would be treated as deposit and you would be able to avail a special discount on these equipment. By upgrading your single boat give package into a double boat dive you can avail dive gears of up to $180. These vouchers can be used for a double dive either on a fourth day or within one month of completion of the course. It includes the option of diving with grey shark nurse. For more info visit:


Discover the Underwater World with Technical Diving in Australia

The first and foremost advantage of technical Diving is that they allow you to enjoy your holidays in a unique manner. It allows you to discover new things present underwater and travel to newly discovered islands within the sea.

Technical Diving in Australia

Do you have a special interest in underwater world? If yes, then technical diving in Australia is the best option for you. It can take you into the deep sea for recreational diving. This kind of diving is significantly marked by the presence of more equipment and training requirements to effectively handle the additional hazards associated with it. Not everyone can become a good technical diver. You must be able to hear its challenging call.

You have the option of completing your technical diving course as an individual program or opt for all the three as a part of a package.  In case you have a special interest in technical diving but have not met the prerequisites of PADI TEC 50 and PADI TEC 45, then the best option for you would be opting for PADI TEC- 40. It mainly consists of the first four dives. You can start your training during winter months as you need to perform one of the four dives in the confined waters. You can use recreational scuba equipment in order to deal with the conditions associated with this type diving.

Have Fun during Your Holidays with Boat Diving

Boat diving is one of the best ways to fill your holidays with various kinds of adventures. Heated pools and exotic local reefs provide a perfect environment for this kind of pleasure activities.  It allows you to discover the beauties of the underwater world.


The best way for you to enjoy your time on the water with friends and relatives during holidays is to opt for boat diving. There are companies that focus on making your journey on water exciting and memorable. Most of them cater to all experience levels regardless of, whether wish dive with grey nurse sharks or want to explore some of the unique local islands. At these businesses, the sites on the day of your dive are decided by you in coordination with the most dive skipper. These experienced divers take you to the most amazing diving spots that are inhabited by various kinds of marine species.

MV Tomaree is one of the water vessels that allow you to have the real fun of boat dive. It is featured with twin hull for stability, large dining area, and fast engine as well as on board toilet. You just need to load your dive gears into the trolley provided to you and the experts associated with these businesses would take them. For more info visit:

Explore Fantastic Dive Destinations in New Castles and Great Lake


Diving allows you to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world. It helps you discover several spices of marine lives that are found only in the water. You can take part in this activity throughout the year.

If you want to explore fantastic dive destinations in new castles and great lake, then contact a professional dive management company without any further delay. Most of them organise adventurous tours through the sea on a basis. These businesses would help you have the kind of adventure for which you are looking for. They offer you a golden opportunity to dive through the Northern Great Barrier Reef. It is a seven-day expedition and combines exploratory diving with your favourite sites. During your journey through water, you would experience an amazing diversity of underwater landscapes. Moreover, you can watch a wide range of sea species such as sharks, rays, turtles as well as pelagic fishes, besides incredible macro life.

You also get an opportunity to visit small islands within the ocean that are home to green sea turtles. Though these islands do not have any access to the public but are surrounded by several species of sea mammals.

Timor Leste is one of the most recently discovered as well as explored islands in Asia. It is home to the massive diversity of coral and fish specialises. The most interesting thing about this island is the fringe reef across the northern coast that is easily accessible from the shore.

Adventurous Scuba Diving In Port Stephens


Scuba diving offers you the opportunity to experience the beauties of various islands. It is really refreshing and can be enjoyed on various islands. You can learn about it, even if you do not know its basics. You can get help from professional trainers, who would teach you how to get involved in this activity.

PADI dive facility:-

Make full of the adventurous Scuba diving in Port Stephens with the highest rated PADI dive facility. It not only offers you the opportunity for boat dives or shore diving, but also to pursue a Sea School International Boat or Jetski license course. Moreover, you can also enjoy the company of an experienced trainer who has complete knowledge about safety techniques. Most of the businesses providing this service operate at least two surveyed dive boats that are equipped with membrane Nitrox facilities, a wide of large equipments hire, equipment servicing as well as a convenient gear wash.

Numerous dive sites:-

A reputed scuba diving company allows you to visit numerous dive sites on its single dive boats. The venue mainly depends on request from the divers, their level of certification as well as experience and weather on the day of diving. Only sites are included in your package that would entertain you the most. The charges for it are $ 75.00