5 Questions To Ask A Scuba Diving Instructor

If water excites you and want to do a scuba diving instructor course or getting ready to up your certification to more advanced level, finding the right dive instructor is very important. Whether you are looking for a divining instructor in your local area or checking out some dive shop on a honeymoon or adventure holiday, here are some 5 must ask questions before you hire a scuba diving instructor:

1. How many years of teaching experience you have?

Experience and knowledge are the things which make a dive instructor more comfortable to work with. The more experienced a teacher is, the more they will have to share and the more you will trust in them. Experience teaches knowledge and knowledge lead to confidence, a scuba instructor who has been playing with the water for ages is probably passionate about his profession and will defiantly provide the best learning experience. So don’t forget to ask for your instructor, how long you have been teaching?

2. How many students have you worked with at this level?
An instructor who has been teaching for 5 years does not always mean has taught tons of students to scuba dive and Many instructors who have been in the scuba industry which provides part-time service does not mean they are not trustworthy. If an instructor who is fresher and has very less experience working with many students at the level at which you want to be certified, you can swipe your option with some more experienced instructor.

3. How many students you teach at a time?

If your instructor takes many students in the pool or in open water to teach diving, you won’t learn the skill in a right way. When it comes to scuba diving, developing skills are essential for your safety, so don’t skimp here. If you feel the class has lots of students, which instructor are failing to handle and you won’t get enough time with your instructor to really master diving skills, choosing some other would be helpful for you.

4. Do you really care for the environment and teach students to do so, as well?

It’s the duty of ours to keep our environment clean, but many dive instructor hardly care to this important question. The ocean is an important part of our ecosystem and if your diving instructor will not ethical enough to care, then how he teach his students to do the same. A dive instructor who trashes the ocean all the time and does not use and teach eco-friendly diving practices is not the right person to work with.

5. Do you certify every student after a course?
If an instructor provides a certificate after successfully gets through the course, it would be a professional approach and can benefit the student for future. But the certificate should be given to those students only who have learned every required skill needed to really be safe in the water, while the other certificates should be held tight. The best instructor is one, who is not afraid to hold some students back if they have not mastered the necessary skills for safety and efficiency in the water compared to those passes in the course.


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