Join the Best of the Padi Course

This term refers to the professional association of diving instructors which is world’s most well known recreational diver training organisation founded in 1966. Let’s Go Adventure- Dive Nelson Bay provides the best padi course. It is also known as Port Stephen the longest established center for diving that is reputed to have original and yet the most active club for this purpose in the area.padi water course

Scuba divers hardly forget their first dive. There is nothing better than being able to breathe underwater. This firm is the place where diving enthusiasts can enjoy a safe journey that is full of fun. It was voted as the winner of port Stephens’s business award. It is the result of quality training that is received by the prospective divers from qualified trainers. It takes full attention towards the comfort, competence and safety of each of its clients and for this reason this course is of three days. All hardware equipments, 5 confined pool sessions, 4 open water training dives, Padi gold certification cards and choice of either Padi unlimited  crew pack or e learning access pack are included in it.

This business also provides scuba mask, snorkel and fins for $30 and for those who opt to purchase their personal equipments then this hire would be treated as deposit entitling them to enjoy even better service. Most of the customers of this firm opt for upgrading to the deluxe package. It converts a single boat dive gift to double one. It includes diving with a gray nurse shark at Broughton Island.


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