Things You Need to Know for Enjoying Best Snorkelling

Things You Need to Know for Enjoying Best Snorkelling

Snorkelling is the perfect way of exploring the mesmerising underwater world in Port Stephens. The team of professionals associated with Let’s Go Adventures helps you to discover the once in a lifetime experience of snorkelling in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Australia. The experts make sure that you are able to take the very step in snorkelling with complete confidence and safety. The well qualified and experienced dive masters and instructors help you with their suggestions and tips. The PADI skin diver program is great for all those who wish to improve their snorkelling skills. It is important to understand that snorkelling is associated with peering down from the water surface. On the other hand, skin diving involves venturing further more than usual snorkelers. They tend to make recurrent surface dives for interacting with the amazing aquatic life. After the completion of this course you will be issued a PADI skin diver official recognition.

If you are a confident snorkeler then all that you need to do is hire the best quality equipment, namely suit, snorkel, fins and mask. And you are all set to explore the awesome shore based sites and have the best snorkelling experience. In case you are not a confident swimmer then you need to consult the experts about the shore based programs and get the special vests. If you are interested in joining the boat snorkelling tours then you should be able to swim up to 200m. You need to be honest with the instructors about the swimming aptitude as it is very important for your complete safety. There are no age criteria for snorkelling, but parents need to accompany their kids who are less than 8 years of age.


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