Information on PADI Course in Australia

padi coursesPADI course in Australia  is great for learning the scuba diving fundamentals. You get to learn about almost everything right from using the scuba diving equipment properly to the do’s and dont’s of diving. Once you successfully complete the course you will be getting a diver number and the open water diver card. It will be your key to the invigorating and exciting world of scuba diving. It allows you to hire any kind of equipment and dive to utmost satisfaction, but you must follow the specific safety parameters. Most of the divers also go for the PADI advanced open water diver course. It is important in case you wish to dive in depths that are deeper. The time duration of the PADI open water diver course is from about 3 to 5 days. You get to learn the essential set of skills that will help you to dive in 18 meters depth. It seems to be quite scary in the beginning, but you will be able to learn quickly.

The course is divided into two separate parts, namely knowledge and practical. You will have to invest in the crew pack that includes the PADI manual and scuba diving equipment. You will also receive a logbook for maintaining dive records and dive planning table. Your PADI open water diver course consists of all the equipments available for hire, confined water sessions (5), open water training dives (4), all necessary instructions and PADI Gold certification card. You can select either the ‘PADI Ultimate Crew pack’ or PADI E-learning access pass. To apply for the open water diving course it is important that you are able to swim at least 200m and finish the medial statement.


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