Information on PADI Instructor Courses

padi-instructor-coursesWhat if you had your office underwater? If you are working as a PADI open water instructor then you must appreciate the fact that you are associated with one of those rare professions which can transform the lives of people. You get to introduce different kinds of people to the magnificence of underworld. This job gives you the abundant opportunity of infecting others with your diving passion. The PADI instructor courses  has been divided into two sub-courses, namely the PADI assistant instructor (AI) Course, which is the first part of the course and the second part is the PADI open water scuba instructor (OWSI) Program. The first part helps in the development of the instructional skills and helps in acquiring knowledge related to open water, confined water and development. When you have successfully finished the AI course you will be capable of independently conducting various programs and act as a qualified assistant. Next level is the OWSI Program, which is of great help in refining the several teaching skills. This allows you to apply all the programs which have been conducted by PADI OWSI.

You will efficiently be introduced to different topics which are related to PADI procedures and standards, risk management, the diving business and various other areas which will be of great help in becoming an expert dive instructor. There are various candidates who complete the PADI IDC in the form of a single program while there are others who finish it in two parts. The professionals understand that every learner has his own pace of learning and the entire program has been formulated keeping this in mind. The complete PADI IDCs are finished over 7 days and you get the chance to learn according to your own comfort level and speed.


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