Snorkelling in Australia – A Fun Filled Activity

Scuba, Snorkelling, Free Diving in Nelson Bay, Port StephensSnorkelling can be a lot of fun and anyone with swimming skills can enjoy it thoroughly. It is different from scuba diving and doesn’t require too much training or heavy equipments. Generally snorkelling only involves the use of swim fins, goggles and snorkel mask. Thus, this recreational activity does not require heavy expenditures and very expensive gear. If you are one of those who simply love the water and wish to explore the life below the sea surface then you can consider snorkelling in Australia . A large number of tourists visit Australia every year due to spectacular locations, great beaches and sparkling sea. Most of the water sports are associated with once in a lifetime experience and allow you to witness the magnificent flora and flora underneath the ocean. If you opt for snorkelling, then there are few important things that you need to keep in mind. The right kind of equipment is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. You must make sure that the gear is of good quality, comfortable and you know how to use it.

Finding a good location for the water activity is also essential. The basic aim is to stay safe and relaxed so make a choice of the location accordingly. The best way is to shortlist few places and then decide. Especially for the beginners certain amount of basic training is required. You must be comfortable while breathing underwater and you must never breathe too shallow or too quickly. Nelson Bay is one of the popular tourist destination for people who want to enjoy their vacations and wish to indulge in free diving, scuba diving or snorkeling. The reputed PADI store provides the best of the dive facilities. You can go through the various courses offered by the popular diving center and choose the most appropriate one.


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