Wondrous fishing spots of Nelson Bay

Welcome to one of the adventure capitals of New South Wales which has the best hidden marine treasures sweeping under your feet. The crystal clear waters make it an ideal holiday destination to see how wonderful wonders deep sea fishing at Nelson Bay can offer you.

Top five fishing spots in Nelson Bay

Precisely Nelson Bay is popular for its five amazing fishing spots. Get set to Fingal Bay where you can catch whiting, bream, tailoImager or dart. If you aren’t lucky to catch some there, don’t be disheartened try your luck at jettys which is along Little Beach where the fish is visible from the surface and you are bound to catch few. If you like to have hands on experience on deep sea fishing then book yourself a charter with highly qualified angler or seamen to guide you for an extraordinary catch. The other worth visiting shores at Nelson Bay is Shoal Bay, Anna Bay, and Soldiers Point.

Kunara Charter at Port Stephens

There are many fishing charters in Port Stephens. Kunara Charters being the longest Fishing Charter business established in the most unspoilt and fabulous holiday area on the New South Wales coast. There are many fishing trips organized right from Stockton beach from Seal Rocks and the trip takes you around the popular Broughton Island. One can indulge in whale watching, diving, sightseeing trips, dolphin watching and estuary fishing at Kunara charter. “Getaway” has voted Ferry service to Broughton Island has “Number one” offshore island in Australia.


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